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The Top Differences Between Sativa and Indica

indica vs sativa 2 1

indica vs sativa 2 1

sativa and indica

In a smoker’s lifetime, the terms Indica and Sativa will at one point present themselves. Although scientifically there may not be a major differences between these two strains of marijuana, for pot smokers, there is a quite a great difference. These strains have differences ranging from the origin to their effect (which one can get a person higher). Indica is referred to as Kush while Sativa is called Haze.


Sativa strains are believed to have originated from areas around the equator and therefore they can be found in some African Nations, they can also be found in countries like Thailand, Mexico and Columbia.

For the Indica plant, it originates from places of higher altitude and can be found in countries like Morocco, Nepal and Turkey. May be this might be the reason as to why this countries have hash cultures.


Under same environmental condition, Sativas can grow up to a height of up to 20 feet while their sisters Indica remain short at a height of around three feet. Their difference in size is majorly because the buds of Sativas tend to grow along the length of a branch rather than clustering around the nodes.


Morphology& physical appearance

sativa and indica

Sativas are loosely branched with long leaves which are narrow. They are best suited to be grown outdoors.


Indicas are densely branched with wider leaves. They are best suited for indoor growth conditions. The light green color of sativa plant leaves is as a result of less chlorophyll while the yellow pigments protect the plant from intense light.



The buds of Indica have a flavor that ranges from fruity to sugary or sour. The Indicas only have skunk flavors which are found in their hybrids (ex. Kush, OG. Kush). The buds of Sativa strains have a flavor that ranges from fruity amnesia to cat-piss flavor earthy undertone of pepper flavor.



Sativa strains have a sweet aroma and even ammonia like smell. Sativa plants have a grassy odor. Indica strains produce a smoke which is stinky to the extent of inducing fits of coughing if a novice smoker is caught off-guard.



Indica strains have a more relaxing and sedating effect thus it offers the body a full high effect. It is due to this that pot-smokers prefer smoking it at night. Indicas may tend to increase physical sensations like taste, touch and sound. Indicas tend to give you that “couch lock’ feeling and you just want to do something easy and relaxing.

Sativas offer a ‘high feeling’ which gives one an uplifting and energetic feeling. Sativas also have effects which may be termed as cerebral, hallucinogenic or spacey.  Sativas increase focus and creativity by uplifting and cerebral thoughts. They are therefore preferred during day times.


Medicinal use

Sativas are used to treat illnesses such as fatigue, depression or other mood disorder. Indicas are used to in treating insomnia and anxiety. Due to their high analgesic effect, Indicas are therefore used to fight chronic pain and muscle spasms. Indicas also relieve headaches and migraines and even reduce seizures.



Indicas have a much shorter flowering period compared to Sativas. Some strains of Sativa can take up to 20 weeks to flower while for Indica strains like Top44 take even 44 days to flower. Generally, Indicas flower after a time frame of eight to ten weeks but if they are catalyzed with CO2, they flower a week earlier.



Indicas have a higher yield than the Sativas in terms of leaves per plant. Their yield is relatively 1.5 to 2.5 ounces per plant but they tend to have a higher quality of about 18% THC. Indica plants have high THC:CBD ratios.

Sativa strains yield more than the Indicas as they average at 3 ounces to 1 pound per plant but tend to possess lower quality of THC which is about 10%. Sativas plants have high CBD:THC ratios.



Indica is the most common strain of marijuana as it grows faster and yields more bud per plant than Sativa varieties. Farmers tend to grow Indica and hybrid strains, that yield large crops and flower quickly, then grow Sativa.

The vast type of marijuana available on the market is hybrids which are Indica dominant.  Those from states that have legalized  marijuana for medical programs can request for a Sativa or Indica from their local dispensary or retail outlet.


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