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How Many Grams Is An Eighth (1/8) of Weed
March 16, 2018

How to Avoid Getting the Munchies When Using Cannabis

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munchies 960x720


munchiesWe’ve all experienced a wicked case of the munchies when enjoying some cannabis, but how do you avoid the munchies?

One of the most common side-effects associated with consuming cannabis and cannabis infused products and edibles is the munchies. What are the munchies? It’s that feeling of hunger and craving which many people experience after they smoke marijuana. The more you consume, the hungrier you seem to get sometimes. When you have a serious case of the munchies you’ll start searching for anything and everything, which can often lead to you waking up feeling sick the next day.

If you’re a frequent or infrequent user of cannabis and are looking for tips on how to avoid the munchies when using cannabis, then we have some great tips and tricks below!

  • Try It After Meals, Not Before – Instead of smoking up a storm between meals, try waiting until you have just finished a meal. Wait until your body and brain have had time to digest the meal and register that you’re full. Then you can have your cannabis and your brain will already be pre-programmed to think that it’s full.
  • Don’t Keep Excessive Amounts of Food in The House – It’s always great to have lots of food in the house, but having a fridge and cupboard full of chips, candy, and chocolate is always going to lead to trouble after you have cannabis. You can’t eat junk food if there’s none in the house, right?
  • Keep Healthy Snacks – If you have to have some snacks in the house, and you feel like you’re going to get the munchies, healthy snacks are the best alternative. If you’re going to snack, then try some healthy fruits and vegetables. Instead of ice cream, try some frozen yoghurt or even some dried fruits and veggie sticks that have been baked not fried.
  • Put Your Wallet Away – You can’t drive to get snacks when you’re high, but in this day and age the munchies have an evil sidekick, deliveries. So much food these days is just a few minutes away via delivery services such as Uber Eats. Keeping your wallet away and out of reach when you get high will make it that much easier to avoid eating junk food when you have the munchies. Give your wallet to a friend or lock away your bank cards and cash until the next day.
  • Stay Hydrated – Another tip when you’re dieting, works just as well when you’re trying to avoid the munchies, staying hydrated. Whenever you’re consuming cannabis it’s important to stay hydrated anyway but drinking plenty of water will help you to feel full. Avoid drinking energy drinks, and high-sugar colas, as these can lead to diabetes and high blood sugar levels.
  • Exercise – Before you smoke or consume cannabis, try hitting the gym to help avoid the munchies. If you’re working hard to stay in shape, you’ll be much more motivated to avoid eating junk food late at night. Worst case scenario if you end up eating junk food, at least you would have been working out to help balance things out.

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