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How Many Grams Is An Eighth (1/8) of Weed

how many grams are in an eighth 18th of weed

how many grams are in an eighth 18th of weed

So your looking to pickup an 1/8 of weed and out pops the scale, but instead of using ounces your local dispensary measures it using grams. Is this some type of metric system conspiracy, why can’t we just use the same system? Do I really need to do math to figure out how much weed I’m going to get and not get ripped off?

What are ounces?

Ounces (Oz) are a unit of mass in the United States customary system of measurement. It’s the smallest unit of of mass in the US system. That’s why when we talk about 1/8th of an ounce or 1/2 half an ounce we use fractional amounts. It’s also the same system that has those other far more common daily units like inches, yards, miles, teaspoons, cups, etc. Unlike those other units, ounces measure mass, or the resistance to being accelerated by force, which should not be confused with weight. Weight and mass are often confused with each other because in everyday life the two are pretty much interchangeable. However the difference lies in if you have a different gravitational force acting on the object, if you on the Moon or Mars that object of the same mass will be a significantly different weight. So if you were to measure the weight of an 1/8th of weed on the Moon it’d be a different that if you measured it here on Earth.


What are grams?

Just like ounces, grams are a measure of mass. Grams however are using the metric system of measurement, you known that system that’s used pretty much everywhere else in the world other than in the United States. The metric system unlike the US system uses decimal rather than fractional ratios for it’s units. Using a decimal system makes using this system a lot easier to use in changing units and with performing calculations. For example, a kilogram (kg) is just a thousand grams, while a pound is made up of 16 ounces. You can see how complicated it would get if your trying to figure out how many eighths are in a pound of weed, right? You would need to calculate 8 eighths per ounce, and then multiple by 16 ounces in a pound. If you did the math, you’d calculate 8*16 = 128, or 128 eighths are in a pound of weed.


Why do we measure cannabis in ounces?

The use of ounces in the measurement of weed originates from US law, specifically the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. The 1937 Marihuana Tax Act placed a tax on the sale of cannabis in an aim to reduce the size of the hemp industry and it’s threat to the paper industry. The act required importers, manufacturers, and cultivators of marijuana to record all their sales and pay $1 per ounce to the government. Because of this requirement, it was a lot easier for those selling marijuana to keep all their units in ounces or fractions of ounces rather than other units of measure. From there it just kinda stuck.


How Many Grams Is An Eighth (1/8) of Weed?

There are 3.5 grams of weed in an 1/8th of weed, but if you want to get really detailed it’s 3.5436875 grams per eighth of weed. To do the math yourself all you need to do is take the total amount of grams in an ounce and divide it by 8. There are 28.3495 grams in an ounce, you take 28.3495/8 and you get 3.543 grams. You can repeat this for any other fractional amount. So if you’re looking to calculate the amount of ween in an half ounce or 1/4 ounce, you would divide it by 2 or 4.

  • 1/8 an ounce = 3.54 grams
  • 1/4 an ounce = 7.08 grams
  • 1/2 an ounce = 14.17 grams
  • 1 ounce = 28.34 grams

It’s pretty simple once you get the total amount of grams in a ounce to figure it out, and it’s fairly simple to also go the other direction to figure out how many grams are in a pound or 1/4 pound, just multiple instead of divide. If you’ve got any questions on the math or conversion, leave a comment below and we’ll see if we can figure it out for you.

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