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June 7, 2016
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Betty Khronic Vegan Energy Bar Review



Betty Khronic Raw Vegan Energy Bars

Healthy, Unique, Effective

The Betty Khronic Vegan Energy Bar is unlike any other medicated product I’ve had on the market.  First off, it’s healthy. I don’t mean it is not unhealthy — the ingredients are actually good for you.  It is made with 6 regular raw ingredients that people should eat. Not only are the bars well made, but their ingredients are equally well displayed with pictures on the side of the package, so you know exactly what you’re getting.  Add the sativa medication, and you have something good for almost everyone looking for a healthy medicated snack with a long shelf life, that is Non-GMO, gluten free, and effective.


I took my dosage around 5:45 pm.  I ate an entire bar, however I would recommend to most people, that they should eat half of a bar (or less, for light smokers).  Wait 60-90 minutes.  Set a timer, don’t cut the wait time short, or you will #RAISETHEBARHIGHER than you originally wanted.


What’s really nice about this energy bar is it doesn’t make you lethargic.  The ingredients, Almonds, Cacao, Chia Seeds, Dates, Pepitas  and Sativa infused Coconut Canna-Oil,  feel like a healthy snack for your body, and as the sativa kicks in (for me, around 45 minutes) I had a very nice and modulated high.  I was in a writing session and did not feel distracted.  I’m not recommending you work while on this, but if you are comfortable, and you know your dosage, this is not something that will get you scattered as much as nutritiously energized, and your mind will be kick-started with a mildly euphoric, creative vibe.


My high lasted about 4 hours. I did not experience the typical peaks and crashes that accompany most sugary edibles.  I was in control, and it felt pleasant. I did not have the desire to up my dosage with smoking, though I’m sure if I had, it would have launched me to a Kilimanjaro high. What I love about the product, is that there’s no added sugars or other trashy ingredients, like you see in typical medible snacks.  I’m sensitive to sugar, and have had to make my own products and oils because nearly all the edibles from the dispensary will send me into diabetic shock.  The Betty Khronic Vegan Energy Bar does not.


With that change comes a cautionary note, REMEMBER: as you are about to eat this cubed ball of cannabis infused goodness — this is NOT A BROWNIE.  It’s not even a Clif Bar.  This is a healthy mixture of raw ingredients.  The texture is nutty, fruity, and tasty, but this will be a different taste to what you’re used to when compared to other cannabis foods.  The cannabis flavor is present but certainly not overbearing, and though the aroma is strong… I personally enjoy that.  At 40 mg THC per bar, it’s no surprise that you can smell the roses.  At that dosage, it means it is strong enough to work for even the frequent smokers and dabbers.


Betty Khronic was created by Katina Morales, and would later become the Betty Khronic Vegan Energy Bar when she teamed up with business partner, Mike Garcia, an LA native, US Veteran, and nutrition nut. She stopped making baked goods, and started making raw goods that get people baked.  Katina, an athlete, social media marketing maven, and cannabis community builder, hailing from Miami, shared Mike’s passion to make healthier medicated products for the cannabis community, and their energy bar was born.


The Betty Khronic Raw Vegan Energy Bar is a holistically healthy medible that lives up to the #RaiseTheBarHigher philosophy.  Created by people who care about healthy living, and intelligent cannabis consumption, they don’t just raise the nutrition bar higher, but with 40 mg in each bar, they raise the bar on what  we can expect from a convenient and tasty medicated snack.

Betty Khronic Vegan Energy Bar

2 per package

Pros: Packaging, uniqueness of product in the market, dosage of THC, healthy.

Cons: Just be prepared for something that tastes “healthy.” If you like raw vegan energy bars, you’ll love it.  If you don’t, they could sprinkle all the weed in the world on it, and you still wouldn’t like it.

Price: 2 per package: $20

Doses per pack: 2 – 6 depending on your tolerance.


Betty Khronic Bars Box


To learn more about Betty Khronic go to www.BettyKhronic.com

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